A full service marketing company

Slalom Marketing Consultancy helps our clients to cut through the avalanche of marketing tactics available, and build workable marketing solutions that achieve outcomes. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Marketing Strategy: To communicate effectively with your target audience (market & stakeholders) you need to deeply understand your customer and your marketing capabilities. We work with you to develop a holistic marketing strategy for your business in order to propel marketing outcomes. Our strategy development is thorough and uncovers your marketing objectives, key messaging, positioning, suitable marketing channels, and much more. Marketing doesn’t stand on its own and our strategy integrates with your overall business objectives and joins the strategic pieces together. The outcome is a clear marketing strategy that gives your practical guidance on what needs to be done.

Marketing Management: We manage marketing projects on your behalf. This saves you from having to hire a permanent resource, while knowing your projects will be of high quality execution and within budget. We will work with you from project concept to completion. We can use our own network of freelancers or your preferred suppliers to deliver cutting-edge campaigns.

Content Development / Copywriting: Content is king, and without it our products and services are without value. We can help you with all your content requirements such as website content, blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, brochures, case studies and much more. From the research to the copywriting, we develop exciting content to connect with your audience and earn their trust.

Social Media Management: Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and all organisations need to have a social media presence. We will help you to uncover which social platforms you should be using, develop a framework for communications, as well as create the content your audience will love. We can also post, share, respond, and engage on behalf of your brand. Social media has given the customer a voice and it is important to meet them where they are at. If you don’t, your competitor will.

Email Marketing: Engage your customers in their in-box with meaningful email experiences. We will optimise your email marketing for you so as to encourage a higher read-rate, greater brand awareness, and purchases from your customer database.

Web Design and Development: We work with our freelance web development partner to ensure your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. Our expertise ensures that we can cover all aspects of your web design requirements from the user-experience design to customer journey mapping, and content development to graphic design. We can also manage ad-words and search engine optimisation. A seamless website is vital for brand awareness as it is the online window to your organisation!

Search Engine Optimisation: Optimisation of your company’s content and online marketing for search engines gets you ranked organically. Though you can pay for an advertisement, an organic ranking is worth its weight in gold. We connect strategy, content, execution and technology to deliver optimal organic search results.

Brand Identity and Graphic Design: We work with our freelance graphic design team to bring your brand and messages to life via striking images and layouts that capture the right attention.

Marketing Training: Need to brush up your marketing skills without having to become a marketing guru – try our marketing training to gather all you need to know about marketing in this day and age. We offer private training courses that cover all aspects of marketing from strategy development to the key digital channels you will need to build brilliant campaigns. Our social media training workshops will educate your staff about the dynamics and legalities of social media for business.

Eventing: From product launches to conferences and trade show attendance, we can assist you with your eventing requirements.